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2020年10月23日 •6分钟阅读


这是第一架到达澳大利亚的钢琴. 现在, 200多年后, the First Fleet fortepiano will make a return journey to the UK to be rehabilitated by master restorers.


如果第一舰队的钢琴会说话, it might tell you about its eight-month adventure across the seas from England to Australia, 1788年,它作为当时新殖民地的第一架钢琴来到了哪里. 然后,这个精心制作的乐器可能会继续讲述它躲过的两次火灾, 也不知道它是如何成为澳大利亚课堂上使用的第一架钢琴的.

188bet金宝搏官网登录的会说话的钢琴无疑也能告诉你变老的痛苦. 历史仪器包含活动部件, 华丽的镶嵌, 象牙钥匙可以在几个世纪后分解, 而且往往很难被取代. 木头腐烂. 精巧的机械装置可能生锈或破裂. 有时,工具被忽视到无法挽救的地步.

So, 当斯图尔特·西蒙兹, 悉尼收藏家, began looking for a long-term home for the First Fleet piano and 139 other vintage keyboard specimens he owned, he was lucky enough to encounter a kindred spirit — one who is not only an international-award winning fortepianist and educator, 但他也对保存历史悠久的键盘乐器有着持久的兴趣.

志同道合的人, 杰弗里·兰卡斯特教授, 碰巧是伊迪丝考恩大学的研究教授. 2015年,她刚进入这所大学不久, he alerted 188bet金宝搏官网登录 to the cultural heritage value of Symonds's collection and suggested the university acquire it.

“有些乐器是世界上独一无二的, often by virtue of the fact that they are the only remaining examples of the work of particular makers,兰开斯特教授说. “或者它们很稀有,或者具有澳大利亚的文化意义."

兰开斯特的兴趣不仅仅是策划老式键盘. 事实上, he wanted the university to exhibit the collection — now part of a larger group of donated keyboards called "Founding 钢琴." But he also wanted it to spearhead a program devoted to conserving and/or restoring much of what Symonds spent half a century amassing. What's more, 兰开斯特教授 saw the opportunity to train a new generation in how to do the work.



As fortepianos (the precursors to the pianoforte — or what are simply called "pianos" today) and other keyboards of the era most often linked to composers such as Beethoven, 肖邦, 莫扎特, 舒伯特也继续变老, 它们的维护已经成为一个紧迫的问题. 因为很多都在随着时间的推移而恶化, 停止使用, 和忽视, 它们发出的声音正面临灭绝的威胁.

根据兰开斯特, who has recorded more than 50 commercially released CDs and is known as one of the world's most accomplished performers on late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century fortepianos, 这是一个潜在的悲剧.


大约50年前,我还是一名钢琴本科生, 兰开斯特教授 became enchanted by an early nineteenth-century fortepiano he spotted in a Sydney antiques shop. The shop owner had a passion for the dozens of old instruments he displayed there — something 兰开斯特教授 intuitively understood.

"Within a very short space of time, that antiques dealer changed my 音乐al life,他说. “我从内心深处知道,这就是我应该奉献一生的事业."

In 2016, after several major Australian institutions had turned down Mr Symonds's offer to donate his collection, 伊迪丝考恩大学 bought into 兰开斯特教授's passion and trucked the collection across the continent to Perth.

现在在校园里, “创始钢琴”系列以1736年至1874年制作的乐器为特色, among them the Frederick Beck square piano that came across the oceans on the Sirius with Australia's original settlers on the First Fleet. 该收藏被公认为世界上最重要的收藏之一, 与奥地利的化石相媲美, 法国, 德国, 英国, 和美国.

What distinguishes the collection is its importance to Australian 音乐al history — and the role 188bet金宝搏官网登录 plays in keeping many of the collection's instruments in working condition.

"The Symonds Collection is the only such collection at a public institution that has made many of the collection's instruments available for applied research and training in the techniques of conservation, 恢复, 和维护,兰开斯特教授说.


由于他的远见卓识和西蒙兹先生的慷慨, 伊迪丝考恩大学 is now at the centre of worldwide efforts to develop best practices and educational programs on how to painstakingly conserve and restore prized 历史 instruments. 随着大学在许多学术领域加大研究力度, “创始钢琴”修复计划来得正是时候, 兰卡斯特教授说. 全世界参与保护的人太少了, 修复和维护旧键盘, 更少的人被培养来取代他们.

接受挑战,扭转这些趋势, 伊迪丝考恩大学 hopes to become a world leader in codifying and researching ways to keep many instruments playable, while conserving those whose operational days are past or that are so valuable as sources of information that they should not be touched. The goal is to develop Australian expertise that rivals that of other Western nations.

然而,该项目收集的知识并不局限于澳大利亚. 伊迪丝考恩大学 has joined a network of august 音乐 institutions — including the Royal College of Music in London and the Paris Conservatoire — that feature considerable collections of 历史 instruments. 该大学将分享其发现和修复技术.

兰开斯特教授, 中国有4000万钢琴手, believes the research program's reach could one day become wider and much more profound.

在管理员的帮助下, 技术人员, and engineers — including several 伊迪丝考恩大学 faculty members and staffers — researchers will investigate several obstacles to 恢复. 其中包括修复或复制象牙或鲸须制成的部件, 它们现在都受到了全球保护努力的保护.


The University plans to link students with master restorers who will teach them the finer points of the trade. 今年, it will begin the world's first PhD program devoted to keyboard instrument 恢复, which will research and document current methods of maintaining the instruments' vitality.

One of the first steps in the program involves evaluating the needs of each instrument. 在这一年里, 一位博士研究生将观察并记录这个过程, 以及第一舰队钢琴的实际修复, 哪艘会返回英国, 有经验的修复师会在哪里修复它.

Besides raising the profile of Edith Cowan's Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and its reputation as a pre-eminent institution for 音乐 study in the region, the focus on 历史 instruments will enable students to learn to play on instruments that in some ways resemble the modern piano, 但是要发出截然不同的声音. “与音乐艺术有关, 它与最深层的意义有关,兰开斯特教授说.

188bet金宝搏官网登录的希望是学生的生命, 音乐爱好者, 学者, visitors to Western Australia and members of the broader Australian community will be transformed by the beauty of the sound of the instruments in the collection,他说. 为了实现这一点,一些手段需要发挥作用."